Beauty Therapy

So I was having a shower just before (you're not wondering, but this struck me so hard I had to put it down right away so right now I'm only wearing a towel, haha) and as I was looking at the line-up of shower related products on my shower rail I had a thought - … Continue reading Beauty Therapy

The Daily Grind

Good evening fellow bloggers and peoples out there in the interwebs. It's been a while. How you going? Anything good happening in your life? Are we all happy and healthy and lovely wonderful? I'm going to think of you all that way, so I hope I'm not lying to myself, haha. Pyro and I had … Continue reading The Daily Grind

Trusty sidekick

Every hero needs a sidekick. I'm the hero of my own individual fairytale (who needs a loser in tin foil?) and so I'd like to introduce you to my trusty sidekick and co-pilot Pyro.   Pyro is a dragon, as you can probably see, and he comes with me on ┬ámy adventures. When I remember … Continue reading Trusty sidekick